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We are the only law firm you need for the best representation in personal injury and wrongful death cases, as well as estate and probate matters.

R&K has been "Atlanta Winning Attorneys"  for over 35 years.  We provide the highest quality legal representation to clients in personal injury, wrongful death, life insurance and accidental death insurance,  as well as representation in estate and probate cases.  We have won by verdict or settlement over $100 million dollars for our clients.  We pride ourselves not only on our monetary results, but on our reputation for direct and personal relationships with our clients.   

Each of our lawyers have over 30 years of experience in personal injury, probate, and insurance matteres.  Our firm has been awarded the "Top Lawyer" (AV) rating -- the best rating possible from independent peer reviews conducted by Martindale Hubbell.  The lawyers of R&K have been awarded many honors, including induction into the National Association of Distinguished Counsel’s “Top One Percent". 

You have a right to know all of your legal options when  you  are injured or a family member has been injured or killed.  Or maybe you just need to understand how to deal with the estate and probate of a deceased family member or partner.  Speak directly with an Atlanta Winning Attorney.  He or she can answer your questions.  A free consultation by telephone or in person is our pleasure.   Our thousands of satisfied former clients will tell you how we aggressively and competently pursued their case.  What we did for them, we can do for you. Estate and Probate - After your death, you want your assets to go where YOU want, rather than according to a formula outlined by state law.  Protect your legacy today.  Each of our attorneys has over 30 years of experience preparing wills and litigating estate issues.  Our Estate and Probate practice represents a full range of clients, from Georgia's wealthiest families to people who need a hand.  

Atlanta Attorney Practice Areas

With years of legal experience in so many areas, your Atlanta attorney can go to bat for you in a number of practice areas.

These include:

Accident Injuries - When you set out from your home that day, did you really expect to be seriously injured in an accident? Whether it was a vehicle or pedestrian accident, workplace mishap, injuries suffered in a store or other such venue, and even a slip-and-fall on a neighbor’s property, you are now dealing with the fallout. As bad as the physical and emotional trauma can be from such accidents, the financial ramifications can be equally disturbing. Working with the right Atlanta accident attorney allows you to go after those responsible for your injuries, holding them financially accountable. In the event you are fatally injured, your survivors must make sure to get the right legal help so that you did not die in vain. 

Insurance - Whether your dispute with a business or businesses involves vehicle insurance, property insurance, life insurance, homeowner’s or renters insurance, disability insurance, the list is literally endless. That said you may very well need an Atlanta insurance attorney on your side to make sure you do not lose out on coverage. Without the proper insurance for different needs in life, you could find yourself in a sizable financial hole.

Medical Malpractice - Going to the doctor’s and/or a hospital for a medical procedure shouldn’t fill you with angst. In reality, millions of Georgians get that feeling each and every time. If you’re the victim of medical malpractice, your life could be irrevocably changed forever. As such, being able to work and enjoy personal time with family and friends could be quite different moving forward. Working with an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney helps you go after those responsible for physical and emotional damages to your life.

Pensions - As many companies across Atlanta and other parts of Georgia try and figure out how to honor prior pension commitments, you could be caught in the crosshairs. If you are being denied or shortchanged of your rightful pension, fight back. By working with an experienced Atlanta pension attorney, you can make sure you are entitled to and receive the funds you were promised. Be sure to provide your legal counsel any and all work-related documents as they pertain to your pension over the years. He or she can then put together a legal case to make sure your employer/s honor those commitments.

Serious Injury - Automobile accident, recreational accident, work injury, or any other type of personal injury where the loss of use of some bodily function, paralysis, or death,  is considered a catastrophic event that not only radically changes the life of the victim, but the lives all their loved ones.  Only the best attorneys, with long years or experience, a strong track record, and adequate  financial and other resources will achieve the full value of a claim for tragic losses.

Products Liability - hen you’ve been injured by a manufacturer’s product, holding them responsible is imperative. Whether the injury was serious or minor, you purchased their product with the understanding that it was safe for your usage. Injuries from appliances, outdoor products, vehicles, bicycles and more could have a serious impact on your life moving ahead. A seasoned Atlanta products’ liability attorney can help get you the financial compensation you need and deserve.

Wrongful Death - Whether it is your life and/or the lives of loved ones taken too soon, having legal assistance on your side is crucial. In a wrongful death case, a business and/or individual or individuals have caused your family pain. Holding those accountable for the loss of life is important on two fronts. First, the financial losses can be quite taxing for the survivors, especially if the deceased was relied on for providing the bulk of the family’s income. Secondly, losing a loved one robs survivors of the former’s companionship. These two reasons (among others) are why there is a strong need for an Atlanta wrongful death attorney.

The law firm of R&K is based in Atlanta.  We serve many clients throughout the State of Georgia and in other states.  We are dedicated to helping our clients recover all of the monetary damages to which they are entitled.

Call us now for your free initial consultation at your "Atlanta Winning Attorneys".  


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