Were You Driven to Pain and Suffering?

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Millions of Americans hop in and out of taxi cabs on a daily basis all across the nation.

Most are driven safely to their destination. Others, however, are not as fortunate. They end up in an accident that can change their lives forever.

If you’ve been in a serious taxi cab accident recently, reaching out to an Atlanta personal injury attorney is the right move.

He or she can guide you in starting a legal case to hold those responsible for your injuries, injuries that can range from average to quite severe.

In meeting with a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, be sure to share with them the following:

  • Accident details – Did the cab driver do everything possible to avoid an accident. Was he or she distracted while driving i.e. on a cell phone, not watching the road, driving erratically?
  • Post-accident actions – Immediately following the accident, did the driver render assistance to you or call for medical help? If not, how long was it until medical help arrived on the scene? Remember, time does matter in many cases when someone has suffered serious injuries. And cell phone photos and videos do help.
  • Eyewitness reports – Did anyone witness the accident? If so, their statements to law enforcement (and ultimately your attorney) can give your case much more validity.
  • Injuries and costs – Whether it was a broken bone or two or something more serious, what extent do your injuries have on both your professional and personal life? Even with health insurance, you could be looking at sizable medical bills.

By working with a personal injury attorney, you can recoup not only your financial losses, but know those responsible for your injuries were held accountable.

Make the call today to live a better life tomorrow.

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